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Premier Pontoons Owner Packet Bag

DESCRIPTION Premier Pontoons owner's packet bag or envelope with Velcro flap. Measures 14" X 12". Constructed of canvas with a transparent vinyl front. Sold individually.


Beanbag Footrest

DESCRIPTION Reversible beanbag footrest with cup holders. Made with heritage or standard vinyl. Heritage Cream-50003178 Heritage Stone-50003179 Caramellow-50003180 Cream-50003176 Stone-50003177


Black Cup holder

DESCRIPTION Palm Beach Black Double Cup holder


Changing Room Handle



Eco-Friendly Pillow Package 2015

DESCRIPTION 2015 Eco-friendly Pillow Package. These pillows are created with a new marine vinyl that is created from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester yarn created out of recycled plastic bottles. The pillow pattern goes perfectly with all 2015 base and accent vinyl interiors. This 3 pillow package is standard only on the 2015 Boundary Waters, 2015 Sky Dek and 2015 Grand View models.


Ottoman Cooler

DESCRIPTION Insulated Ottoman cooler. Available in most colors. Sold individually.


Oval Cooler Seat

DESCRIPTION Insulated oval mobile cooler seat, with drain. Available in most colors. Sold individually.


Pillow Package

DESCRIPTION Pillow package. Set of 3 pillows.


Standard Mobile Armrest

DESCRIPTION Standard mobile armrest for flat cushion seats. Includes plastic cup holders. Available in most colors. Sold individually. *Also used for Weeres and Palm Beach Pontoons G.P./Pearl - 50003486-1 Moonrock - 50003486 Stone - 50003689 Ivory - 50003689-1


Vinyl by the Yard

DESCRIPTION Upholstery vinyl by the running/linear yard. Available in most colors. Non-current model year colors are subject to current stock available. Widths vary from 58" to 64" *Important. Vinyl purchased by the yard is Non-Refundable. Pricing May vary by material. Contact a representative for details.

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