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Premier Pontoons Owner Packet Bag

DESCRIPTION Premier Pontoons owner's packet bag or envelope with Velcro flap. Measures 14" X 12". Constructed of canvas with a transparent vinyl front. Sold individually.


Beanbag Footrest

DESCRIPTION Reversible beanbag footrest with cup holders. Made with heritage or standard vinyl. Heritage Cream-50003178 Heritage Stone-50003179 Caramellow-50003180 Cream-50003176 Stone-50003177


Black Cup holder

DESCRIPTION Palm Beach Black Double Cup holder


Changing Room Handle



Eco-Friendly Pillow Package 2015

DESCRIPTION 2015 Eco-friendly Pillow Package. These pillows are created with a new marine vinyl that is created from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester yarn created out of recycled plastic bottles. The pillow pattern goes perfectly with all 2015 base and accent vinyl interiors. This 3 pillow package is standard only on the 2015 Boundary Waters, 2015 Sky Dek and 2015 Grand View models.


Pillow Package

DESCRIPTION Pillow package. Set of 3 pillows.


Vinyl by the Yard

DESCRIPTION Upholstery vinyl by the running/linear yard. Available in most colors. Non-current model year colors are subject to current stock available. Widths vary from 58" to 64" *Important. Vinyl purchased by the yard is Non-Refundable. Pricing May vary by material. Contact a representative for details.

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