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Premier Pontoons Owner Packet Bag

DESCRIPTION Premier Pontoons owner's packet bag or envelope with Velcro flap. Measures 14" X 12". Constructed of canvas with a transparent vinyl front. Sold individually.


Rubber Replacement Cap for .75" Playpen Pole

DESCRIPTION Replacement cap for playpen cover pole. Sold individually. Fits .75" diameter pole.


Bow Bib Cover - All Sizes and Models

DESCRIPTION Replacement Bow Bib Cover, for bow area ONLY. Fits most models up to 10 years from current model year. Available in most colors. NOTE: This product is ONLY available if the boat was originally produced at Premier with a bow cover.


J Clip Kit A

DESCRIPTION J Clip Kit A: Includes 10 large clips (2.5" long), and 10 small clips (1.25" long).


J Clip Kit B

DESCRIPTION J Clip Kit B: Includes 25 large clips (2.5" long), and 25 small clips (1.25" long).


J Clip Kit C

DESCRIPTION J Clip Kit C: Includes 50 large clips (2.5" long), and 50 small clips (1.25" long).


J Clip Kit D

DESCRIPTION J Clip Kit D: Includes 50 large clips (2.5" long).


Playpen Cover Pole - 70" with Large Foot

DESCRIPTION 70" Playpen Cover Pole. Includes metal cam adjustment and large foot pad. Replaces part #6000686.


Playpen Cover Solar Vent

DESCRIPTION Playpen Cover Solar Ventilating Fan. Plastic. Sold with components shown in picture.


Playpen Cover Vent

DESCRIPTION Playpen Cover Vent. Screw on plastic. Sold individually.

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