Business Hours: Premier Marine is Open Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Central Time, except Holidays and some planned plant shutdowns for inventory and vacation.


Return and Cancelation Policy: ALL items are subject to Restocking or Cancelation Fees according to the following:

Normally Stocked Current Year Items - 10% Minimum

Normally Stocked Non-Current Year Items - 25% Minimum

Make or Non-Stocked Items of All Years - Cannot be Returned or Canceled.

No Credit for Freight, Crating, Packaging, Custom or Special Charges will be given if work is started.  Please make sure the serial numbers and information provided to Premier is correct.  Incorrectly ordered parts will not be exchanged or reproduced if only partial or inaccurate information was provided.  Some parts to be produced may require you to provide the existing part for Premier to be able to reproduce correctly.  

General or Miscellaneous Policies: Premier Marine, Inc. reserves the right to decline any or all orders, based on availability of tools, materials, missing information or any other reason without notice.  If Premier Marine, Inc. declines any order for any reason, you will be notified via email, as well as credited the cost of any item or items declined.  Premier Marine, Inc. does not accept orders outside the US or Canada.  Canadian orders may be subject to separate and additional shipping charges.  All additional duties, taxes or fees are the responsibility of the purchaser, not of Premier Marine, Inc.

Lead Time/Availability Policy: Most parts are not stocked but manufactured for your specific boat. Parts specifically made for your boat are not available after 10 years. Premier Marine, Inc. has minimum and maximum lead times according to the following chart and Do NOT include shipping times. 

Canvas & Upholstery (non-Flexsteel)         Non-Peak Season                     Peak (April - Sept)

 Current model year                                     10 working days + shipping        2-4 weeks + shipping

 Up to 10 years from current year                 5-7 working days + shipping       2-8 weeks  + shipping

 Custom                                                       4 weeks +/-  + shipping            4-10 weeks + shipping

 Bimini Frames (current)                              5-10 working days + shipping     1-3 weeks + shipping

 Rail Weldment (current)                              5-7 working days + shipping      1-3 weeks + shipping

 Tube Weld (All)                                              5-10 working days + shipping    1-3 weeks + shipping

 Consoles (current)                                        5-7 working days + shipping      1-3 weeks + shipping

 All other make parts (current)                   1-5 working days + shipping      8-10 working days + shipping

 Stock parts                                                     2 working days + shipping         2-6 working days + shipping

 Flexsteel (current)                                        3 weeks + shipping                  6-10 weeks + shipping

 Non-current parts                                          4 weeks +/-  + shipping           Case by case


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